Privacy Policy

Ensuring the privacy of your personal information and data is our top priority, and we have created this Privacy Policy to explain how we safeguard you and your data.
Privacy Bill of Rights:
We place great importance on trust, respect, and integrity.
• Your personal information and content are owned by you, and not us.
• You have complete control over your newsfeed and the order in which posts appear.
• We do not manipulate, filter, or alter the order of your newsfeed, as only you have the authority to do so.
• Your rights include permissions and privacy, which you have full control over.
• You decide who can access your content.
• You may choose to opt-out of our member directory to protect your privacy.
• We never sell your personal information to third parties.
• We do not employ facial recognition technology, as your face is your personal business.
• You have the option to delete your account at any time and take your content with you.